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Mantis003 - Nightclubs in Dubai

Nightclubs in Dubai

Have a Blast in one of the Best Nightclubs in Dubai

Looking for a club where you can unleash the party animal in you? No need to hold your horses back. Time to pump up your night and grant yourself the delight to party in one of the luxurious nightclubs in Dubai. With international and renowned DJs to heat up the dance floor by their best and ultimate mixes, Mantis Dubai guarantees an unforgettable night!

This unique club offers a chance to experience a one-of-a-kind futuristic party that’s full of fun and will surely keep you coming back for more! This 8,500-square foot venue is packed with state-of-the-art lighting features coupled with sound and digital technology, and assures a ‘7-star’ experience.

Mantis merges cutting-edge creativity with phenomenal music to make your night one-of-a-kind. Not to mention that Mantis hosts different events and gimmicks to make your night beyond the norm.

The Night for the Ladies

Ladies can enjoy a night with free delights and treats when the Dubai Ladies Nights hits. With exciting treats and discounts, women can feel the love of Mantis. Better strengthen your gut as you ladies can have on-the-house drinks till the break of dawn.

Exciting New Events Only At Mantis

To be acknowledged as one of the best nightclubs in Dubai, the club has to throw events that can make your party a blast! Though being a new club in town, it does not hold Mantis back. Mantis hosts massive VIP parties and events that are far from the ordinary. Find yourself mesmerized by the club’s out-of-this-world audio and visual technologies unavailable anywhere else. Visitors can enjoy a VIP treatment all throughout the night without a glitch.

Notorious Wednesday

Be ready to dance and enjoy the night as Mantis brings you live performances of hip hop and R&B music. Lights are dancing in every bombastic and chill beats of music brought to you only by the finest DJs. In addition, Mantis caters a sumptuous array of finest beverages in town and serves mouth-watering foods prepared only by renowned chefs.

Lavish Thursday

Enhance your club-going experience and roam your eyes around the spectacular and revolutionary venue of Mantis. It is certainly one of the best nightclubs in Dubai that doesn’t only promise marvelous party experience, but security, luxe and safety as well. Set your weekend vibe in one of the most prominent clubs and experience an elite VIP party that you never had before.

No Limits Friday

Start your weekend the right way by testing your limits. Unleash your inner beast and the stress you’ve been holding the whole week! Let your hair loose and sway to the mixes of commercial, old school, hip hop, latin and afrobeat music whilst enjoying a good drink.

Hangout and Chill

If you wish for a change of scenery, Mantis also have a lounge where you can chill away from the party crowd. This “Immersive Room” provides a more laid back and quiet space where you can relax and enjoy the rest of the night after having an all out party. We must mention that Mantis serves one of the world’s most expensive coffee beans, the Kopi Luwak, whilst staying in the room.

Why Mantis?

Since its doors opening, Mantis has been one of the most visited nightclubs in Dubai by the elites. Aside from its unique concept and  fresh look, the VIP treatment is unlike any other. Explore the Mantis experience now! Contact us for reservations and your night is guaranteed to be a good one.