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Dubai Nightlife Events

Dubai Nightlife Events

Experience Dubai Nightlife Events Mantis’ Way

Dubai being known as the city of gold in the Middle East is also one of the cities that never sleep. It is the place of glitz and glamour with lot of fun things to do day and night. This lavish golden city is prospered with astonishing attractions that draws all kinds of visitors. Just like everything the great city has to offer, Dubai nightlife events are way far from ordinary. From luxurious nightclubs to famous bars to classic speakeasies, the city’s entertainment options are bottomless.

The nights in Dubai are totally different and unique. It is somehow different from Dubai’s daytime, you might feel like roaming different city, and to make the most out of your night on the weekends, here will share with you how to have fun and enjoy Dubai nightlife events the Mantis way!

Irresistible Opulent Hotspot

Dubai has all kinds of unique clubbing experiences and entertainment options suitable for all kinds of people. If you’re into a exclusive and deluxe clubbing, a must try club in DIFC is definitely worth a visit to jumpstart your weekend. Mantis is a new and trendy luxurious nightclub and is a premium party spot for party-goers that are in search of something elegant yet dumbfounding clubbing experience. Located in the heart of Dubai and the first-ever nightclub in Emirates Financial Tower in DIFC, Mantis brings you a night that will take you to another dimension. With its alluring design and concept of fusing the present with the futuristic technology of LED screens and the magnetizing visual presentations, along with the supreme sound systems to deliver clear and bombastic beats.

Finest DJs are in the house

Dance and sway on every beat of the bass. Our passionate and enthusiastic DJs promise to deliver extreme music mixes that can leave your night with a bang! Mantis also welcomes international artists and hosts weekly themed nights.

Swanky Rooms

Aside from the party room where you mingle and dance your heart away, Mantis has an Immersive Room where you can chill and have the best coffee you’ve ever had.

It doesn’t end here…

Mantis offers an exciting and immersive experience raising the bar on the global nightlife scene. Much more than a traditional scene of Dubai nightlife events and venue, this enormous pub welcomes the world’s top artists; paired with world-class exquisite performances that should not be missed! The large-scale state-of-the-art sound, light and blasting systems provide the guests with an experience much more similar to a boutique festival or concert but with all the usual luxuries of a premium lounge.

Party All Night Long with the Elite

Unleash the beast you tightly held and get ready to party with the VIPs! Mantis brings you the most exclusive fun party that you never ever had before. Check out our upcoming events and don’t forget to make a reservation to experience a whole new partying level only at Mantis.