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Clubs in Dubai - Mantis

Clubs in Dubai

A Must Try of One of the Ultimate New Trendy Clubs in Dubai

When visiting Dubai, there are many fun things to do especially during daylight. You can go sky jumping, have a tour in the golden beautiful city and ocean-wide deserts, have a taste of their beautiful Islamic culture and of course, shopping. However, happy time does not stop right there. As the sun sets, the city unfolds thousands of magnificent and bright colors of lights illuminating the designer facades of the sky-high buildings. Moreover, when the sky gets dark and the stars are up, it is when the real fun starts. If you’re a tourist and is up for a good night, Mantis is definitely one of the must try clubs in Dubai.

Out of all what this city has to offer, there are some world-class nightclubs in Dubai that will surely make any night out unforgettable! Here we laid it out why Mantis is worth a visit.

The Mantis Experience

Many people has been bewildered and left in awe at this luxurious club in Dubai. Mantis lets you experience a night of fun that you do not want to miss out. Have a taste of the real VIP treatment and party like a king! Futuristic interior designs that are way beyond ordinary will greet you as you enter the vicinity.

Elites Choice

The venue screams elegance and luxury. Mantis can accommodate up to 350 people and offers personalized table service. This party spot has been making a noise for its uniquely amazing design and style all together with sets of music mixes played only by the best in the music industry. While aiming at providing a VIP treatment that’s unlike any other, the party crowd can surely enjoy a night that’s beyond the usual and the experience you’ll never have anywhere else.

Jaw-Dropping Events to Look Forward to

This Dubai’s very own local clubbing attraction hosts different events every week in line with different themes. Since opening its door, Mantis has become the talk of the town due to its unwavering entertaining events and vibrant atmosphere. On December 25 2019, Mantis threw a “Bad Santa” themed party, making the crowd go wild with International guests and DJs to ignite their wildest dreams of clubbing.

This New Year’s Eve, December 31st 2019, we welcomed 2020 with a blast! Satisfying your party cravings from 8PM – 4AM. the guests enjoyed unlimited food and house drinks for a cheap price! Couples had a big discounts as well as those single ladies and gents out there. we made sure to provide the best start of the new year with one of the best clubs in Dubai – MANTIS!

The Future of Clubbing

To see is to believe and to experience is not to forget. Experience one-of-a-kind party with VIP treatments you cannot forget! Make your night not just good but perfect. Find out how Mantis can change your way of clubbing. Call us for reservations today and we guarantee you a unique and unforgettable night.